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App Features and Benefits

Chamber Perk White Stars

The Chamber Perks App was designed to amplify your chamber's or board's influence over its members by growing their network, helping increase company sales and enhancing employee benefits. 


The app efficiently organizes company information, highlights perks for potential customers, simplifies event access, and empowers members to promote job opportunities. As such, it is an invaluable resource for Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, and their valued members.


Grow Your Member Network

Members can easily connect and engage with other businesses, both locally and across various cities in Canada. The app streamlines company information, making it readily available and easily accessible to potential customers, which can lead to increased sales and business growth.


The app offers tools to help members increase their social media followers and engagement. This can increase brand visibility and a broader online presence, benefitting marketing and outreach.

Chamber Perks App Businesses


Boost Member Revenue

Members can offer unlimited perks to increase their income by attracting new business customers.


Members can create their own loyalty programs, ensuring repeat business by offering reoccurring perks to their customers.


Members also access exclusive perks and discounts, enhancing their cost-effectiveness and boosting their bottom line.

Chamber Perks App Perks


Enhance Member Employee Retention

The app assists members in retaining their employees by providing them access to exclusive cost-saving member perks, which can improve overall job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

The app is a valuable tool for members to implement and facilitate a private company perks discount program, further enhancing employee benefits and incentives.

Chamber Perks App Advertising


Increased Member Visibility

The app fosters a sense of community among its members, promoting mutual support and collaboration through a convenient map feature that enables easy member search and discovery.


By engaging with businesses both locally and nationally, members can increase their visibility and reputation within their industry.

Chamber Perks App Map Feature


Stay Connected

Members can effortlessly access information about your chamber/board's upcoming events directly from the app, allowing them to participate in valuable networking opportunities and stay updated on industry trends and developments.


The app allows your members to take advantage of the ability to promote job opportunities within their organizations by linking directly to your chamber/board job portal.

Chamber Perks App Event Calendar


Real-Time Member Data

Enables members to receive real-time insights on the number of users who have viewed and redeemed their perks.


Facilitates mobile push notifications, allowing members to send and receive updates whenever new perks are available to all app users.

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Chamber Perk White Stars
Chamber Perk White Stars



Perk Partners

Chambers and Boards using the Chamber Perks App can now offer their members and employees exclusive benefits from our Perk Partners.

Nearby Perks Alert

Improve your member's perk redemption by allowing users to receive alerts when they are near a perk offered.

Perk Share

Enhancing Your Member Perks with Member Micro-Influencers, Boosting Engagement through Perk Sharing!

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