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Explore our user-friendly step-by-step video tutorials below, designed to enhance your experience with the Chamber Perks App. For participating Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade and their members, additional tutorials are accessible through our member login section.

Marketing the Chamber Perks App

If your Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade is preparing to launch the Chamber Perks Mobile App but is uncertain how to market it effectively, we're here to provide the solution. With over 30 years of experience and a thorough understanding of membership growth and member engagement, we offer comprehensive marketing services.


Our specialization lies in positioning your chamber/board as the solution to the challenges businesses encounter in your community. We possess the expertise to successfully introduce and market the Chamber Perks App, ensuring that both existing and prospective members fully grasp its advantages.

To support your marketing efforts further, we offer affordable weekly Social Media packages starting at just $99 per month. Let us help you make the most of your Chamber Perks App launch and strengthen your chamber's impact in your community.



Our extensive, fully customized marketing and social media management services are specifically tailored to excel in the following areas:

  1. Promote the benefits of the Chamber Perks App

  2. Drive membership sales

  3. Increasing member engagement and retention.

  4. Boosting event attendance.

  5. Showcasing sponsorship opportunities.

If your chamber/ board requires full marketing services, our affordability sets us apart, with management starting at $25 per day. Allow us to be your trusted partner in accomplishing your marketing objectives and achieving sustained growth for your chamber/board. 

Contact to discuss your marketing strategy solution. 

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