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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone download the Chamber Perks App for FREE?

Yes,  anyone can download and set up a user account; we want as many people as possible to support the businesses on the app. 

2. What businesses can be listed on the Chamber Perks App and offer perks?

Only businesses that belong to Chambers of Commerce or Boards of Trade who utilize the app.

3. How is my chamber/ board subscription fee determined?

Your subscription fee is calculated by the number of members your chamber/board has when the subscription is started.

4. What happens if, during the year, we have new members join?

That is awesome!  You add them to the app for free until the anniversary date of your subscription, and then you will pay for those members.

5. What happens if a member cancels during the year?

Go into your chamber/board admin portal and delete them from the chamber perks app, and they will no longer appear on the app directory and can no longer offer perks.

6. Can we pay for only a portion of our members to be on the Chamber Perks App?

Unfortunately, no. The Chamber Perks App offers so many creative features and value for your members and their employees that the minimal investment is worth it.

7. When does the subscription start and renew?

The annual subscription can start on the first of any month and renew every 12 months.

8. What if I forget my username or password to log into my member admin portal?

You can request a new password when logging in, providing you have access to the username email or contact your local chamber or board, and they can help you.

9. How do my members set up perks on the app?

Once a chamber/board has subscribed to the Chamber Perks App, a set of credentials, including a username and password, are issued to each member to allow them to access their Chambers Perks App Admin Portal. 

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