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Our Easy-To-Use

Admin Portal

Our intuitive admin portal simplifies and streamlines the management of the Chamber Perks App, ensuring ease and efficiency for Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade and their members.

Manage Member Profile

Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade can add, manage, and remove members within the Chamber Perks App Company Directory. Meanwhile, members can effortlessly maintain the accuracy of their company profiles by accessing their secure and confidential member admin portal. 

Create and Manage Company Perks

Members enjoy the flexibility to create multiple customized perks, which they can offer exclusively to local members and their employees, extend to participating members and their employees in other cities, make available to all users, or restrict access to only their qualified employees.

Additionally, members can specify the redemption method for their perks, whether it involves in-person visits, online transactions, or direct contact with their company.

Furthermore, members can align their perks with their company's marketing strategy by implementing specific restrictions. These restrictions can control when and how perks are accessible and redeemable, specifying certain months and days. Moreover, members can configure perks to function as either one-time redemptions or recurring offers.

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Review Member Perk Performance

Using real-time data, participating Chambers and Boards of Trade will gain insights into their members' perk performance, including unique views and redemptions each perk receives. This transparency allows members to assess their perk success and track their company perk performance effectively, allowing them to make informed decisions and update perks as needed to optimize their impact.

Marketing Toolkit

Everything your Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade will need to effectively launch and educate your members on the Chamber Perks App. This includes social media posts, website banners, flyers, and all necessary brand assets.

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