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The best investment your Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade will make!

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Designed specifically for Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade to help their members!

Discover how the Chamber Perks App can help keep chambers of commerce and boards of trade relevant and connected with their members in this dynamic and evolving era!

Is your chamber or board looking to elevate your membership engagement and bring value to your members? Look no further! The Chamber Perks App is your ultimate solution to attracting, retaining, and engaging members while providing unbeatable value by helping your members and their employees.

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Help Your Members Thrive

In today's digital age, mobile devices are integral to our daily work and personal lives.  Recognizing this, the Chamber Perks Mobile App offers chambers and boards a valuable opportunity to help its members!

Instant Savings: Members and employees can save money with the Chamber Perks App by redeeming thousands of local and Canada-wide perks.  In addition, they will have access to exclusive national perk partner offers.

Chamber Perk White Stars

Boost Sales: The Chamber Perks App provides a game-changing enhancement to the traditional M2M discount programs available to members. The Chamber Perks App offers an innovative platform that lets members unlock growth opportunities by creating, tailoring and managing discounts (perks) offered not only to local members but can be extended to employees, other members in other cities across Canada and to any general user of the app.

Members can also utilize the Private Perk feature within the app, enabling them to provide exclusive incentives to their employees. This enhances their ability to attract and retain talent and strengthens employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Canada-wide Visibility: The Chamber Perks App allows members to showcase their company and facilitates the expansion of their professional network by enabling easy connections with tens of thousands of chamber/board member companies featured on the Canada-wide company mobile directory.

24/7 Connectivity: Keep members and employees connected and updated on advocacy efforts and what is impacting their business community with effortless access to your chamber/board business newsletters. The app will also increase member engagement by allowing users to access and register for events with a single tap, providing more opportunities for members and employees to learn about chamber/board events.

Debbi M. Nicholson, President & CEO

Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

"All too often in the past we saw members cancelling their membership because they found no value in their investment. The Chamber Perks App eliminates that excuse as it delivers! It provides a win-win-win value proposition to every size of business from every sector of the economy, and to each of their employees. It helps them to grow their network, their sales, and their business across the community and beyond, and provides a value add for their employees."
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