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The best investment your Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade will make!

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Designed specifically for Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade.

Are you a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade in Canada looking to elevate your membership engagement and bring value to your members? Look no further! The Chamber Perks App is your ultimate solution to attracting, retaining, and engaging members while providing unbeatable value to your members and their employees.

Bring value to your members!

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Help Your Members Thrive

Our Mobile App is designed with the specific needs of Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in mind. We understand that helping our members by providing tangible solutions and value is essential in today’s competitive business environment. By offering real, quantifiable value to your members, you'll retain existing members and attract new ones, contributing to the growth and sustainability of your Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade.

Through the Chamber Perks App, your members can provide perks to benefit their local communities and other cities throughout Canada. They can extend these perks to fellow chamber and board of trade members and their staff or even share them with the broader audience of app users, effectively boosting their business and driving sales.

Utilizing the Chamber Perks App, your members and their employees gain access to an extensive array of exclusive perks and discounted offers that can save them money professionally and personally.

The Chamber Perks App also facilitates the expansion of your members' professional network, enabling easy connections with other businesses and their employees locally and across Canada.

Members can utilize the Private Perk feature within the app, enabling them to provide exclusive incentives to their employees. This enhances their ability to attract and retain talent and strengthens employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Debbi M. Nicholson, President & CEO

Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

"All too often in the past we saw members cancelling their membership because they found no value in their investment. The Chamber Perks App eliminates that excuse as it delivers! It provides a win-win-win value proposition to every size of business from every sector of the economy, and to each of their employees. It helps them to grow their network, their sales, and their business across the community and beyond, and provides a value add for their employees."
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