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The Best Investment Your Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade
Will Make!

Chamber Perk White Stars

Proudly Used By

Donna Todd – Chamber Manager

Northern Corridor Chamber of Commerce

"Chamber Perks is more than just an app; it's a strategic tool designed to empower our members and enhance the vibrancy of our business community. By joining forces through this platform, we can unlock new opportunities, drive economic growth, and support each other in achieving our business goals. The Northern Corridor Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer Chamber Perks as a testament to our dedication to our members' success and our collective future."
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Designed specifically for Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade to help their members!

Discover how the Chamber Perks App™ can help keep chambers of commerce and boards of trade relevant and connected with their members in this dynamic and evolving era!

Is your chamber or board looking to elevate your membership engagement and bring value to your members? Look no further! The Chamber Perks App™ is your ultimate solution to attracting, retaining, and engaging members while providing unbeatable value by helping your members and their employees.

HELP Your Members Thrive!

In today's digital age, mobile devices are integral to our daily work and personal lives.  Recognizing this, the Chamber Perks App offers chambers and boards a valuable opportunity to help its members!


Unlocking the full potential of the Chamber Perks App™ is easier than you think.

Canada-wide Visibility

Members can benefit from extensive marketing exposure as app users across Canada can effortlessly find companies through the mobile directory. Seamless connections to call and email, along with direct access to website and social media platforms, enhance user engagement and streamline interaction with companies.

Boost Sales Effortlessly

By utilizing the app as a complimentary sales tool members have the opportunity to showcase perks to fellow chamber members locally and nationwide, including their employees and general users. This initiative aids in boosting sales and expanding reach across Canada.

Instant Savings

Members, along with their employees and any users, can easily access thousands of eligible perks and discounts locally and across Canada with just a simple tap.

24/7 Connectivity

Ensure continuous connectivity for members and their employees as well as app users. Effortlessly access the chamber business newsletter to stay updated on advocacy efforts and remain well-informed about the latest developments within the business community.


Never Miss an Event

Guarantee that members never miss a chamber event. Users can conveniently access and register for events 24/7, while chamber members and their employees can enjoy special member pricing with just a quick tap on the app.


Time to Make Your Member Directory Mobile

A fast and easy way to showcase your members and HELP grow their network locally and Canada-wide!

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Setting up Perks is as Easy as 1-2-3.

The Chamber Perks App™ introduces a revolutionary upgrade to traditional M2M discount programs accessible to members. This innovative platform empowers members to unlock growth opportunities by seamlessly creating, customizing, and managing discounts (perks) directly within the app. These perks aren't limited to local members and their employees; they can also extend unique benefits to all members and their employees, as well as general app users across Canada. Additionally, the app offers the flexibility for members to extend Private Perks™ exclusively to their own employees, further enhancing their employee benefits package.


In the app, press settings icon in the top left corner


Within your settings, press "Create Perk".



Create a company Perk by filling in each field.

- OR -

Access Dashboard on a Desktop Browser

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Help Members Drive Sales

Members can effortlessly offer various types of perk redemption options through the Chamber Perks App™, including in person B2C perks, online e-commerce perks, or contact company for B2B perks. The app also enables members to leverage the Private Perks™ feature, giving exclusive perk incentives directly to their employees. This functionality not only enhances members' capacity to attract and retain talent but also fosters greater employee satisfaction and loyalty within their organizations.

In Person



Save Money, Redeem Perks!

Members and employees can enjoy substantial savings through the Chamber Perks App™, redeeming thousands of perks both locally and across Canada. Members also gain access to exclusive national Perk Partner™ offers, further enhancing their membership benefits. General users also have the opportunity to redeem eligible perks, thereby supporting your members while enjoying valuable discounts and gaining exposure to the potential value of chambers and boards membership benefits.


Drive Engagement with 24/7 Connectivity

Promoting the app's download among members and their employees to access the chamber/board's business newsletter 24/7 is an excellent strategy for staying connected with the latest developments affecting their business community. You can significantly enhance engagement and drive downloads by marketing this feature to existing and prospective members. This keeps your audience informed and strengthens their connection with your chamber/board, fostering a sense of belonging and involvement within the business community.

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Increase Event Exposure and Event Registration


Encouraging members to download the app not only for perks redemption but also to stay conveniently informed about chamber events is a highly effective strategy. By highlighting the app's dual functionality, you promote perks utilization and streamline event communication and registration processes. This approach encourages members to engage with the app regularly, leading to increased event registrations directly through the app. It enhances members' convenience while maximizing the chamber's ability to communicate and drive participation in its events.

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